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    Essential Wrap™ is a one piece bandage which is very flexible,
    breathable and non-slip with a built in wound dressing.
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What is Essential Wrap?

Essential Wrap is a wound dressing bandage for horses, dogs and other animals. It is non-slip, inexpensive and easy to use. Our innovative wound dressing can be applied to difficult and often impossible areas of an animal and help to overcome common issues associated with traditional bandaging, such as pinched tendons, restricted movement and bandage burns. 

Easy to Apply

Clean the wound on your horse, dog or other animal and remove the backing tape as you apply. Press gently to affix and you're done!

Tough & Durable

Essential Wrap is designed to withstand weather and environmental conditions, making it extremely durable and versatile.

Cost Effective

Starting at just $9.90 for our versatile multi-purpose bandage, Essential Wrap won't break the bank!

Happy Customers

People who use Essential Wrap have told us that our bandage is effective, reliable and helps keep their animals comfortable during the healing process.

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