Directions for use:

  1. Clean the wound and the area where the bandage is to be placed.
  2. Treat wound if necessary.
  3. Remove bandage from sterile packaging.
  4. Peel the smaller piece of backing tape from the back of the bandage.
  5. Place the peeled, adhesive section of the bandage against the leg or body, ensure the wound dressing pad covers the wound.
  6. Remove the larger section of the backing tape while wrapping the bandage around the leg or injured area while applying a small amount of even pressure.
  7. When you finish applying the bandage, rub the bandage with your fingers/hand to create friction to ensure that the glue in the bandage is activated and adheres properly, paying particular attention to where the bandage finishes.
  8. Best results are achieved if the bandage is changed every 3-4 days.