Hello, I'm Jeff Brasch, the creator of the innovative bandage Essential Wrap. I have been in the animal husbandry industry for 35 years. During this time I have managed horse, cattle and sheep studs, and have been involved in all aspects of the industry, including equine breeding programs, breaking and training, and flock and cattle care programmes. I'm also involved in the international Equine transport industry.  

Over the years I have become aware of many problems associated with bandaging injured animals, in particular with high movement areas such as knees, hocks and pasterns. Many problems arise from bandages slipping and becoming too tight, causing further damage to the already injured area. Other problems I have seen include bowed and pinch tendons, as well as bandage burns.  

After seeing these issues, I set about developing ‘Essential Wrap’; a non-slip, self adhesive bandage that has been designed to eliminate the problems with traditional bandages and allow the animal to be a lot more comfortable during the recovery period.  

I believe it is an Essential addition to any first aid kit.

Jeff Brasch
Director/sales manager 

Essential Wrap is made from kinesiology tape - a special type of material that is flexible up to 140%, allowing it to contour to the animals limbs; expanding and contracting to adjust to any swelling or movement of the animal. It is easy to apply, but even easier to remove, eliminating the need for sharp tools to remove the bandage. 

Essential wrap has its own built-in wound dressing, which is free of any chemical products, allowing it to be imported or exported much easier. Supplemental wound care products, such as creams or ointments, can be applied to the dressing depending on the type of wound.

Essential Wrap is available in 5 different sizes and 4 different colours.

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